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The city of Itacaré offers many leisure options. Since more extreme sports like surfing to hiking, diving and wonderful hiking trails.

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Located in a coastal region of Bahia, Itacare is a continental shelves which boils down to 8 miles, allowing ocean waves reach the coast with full frequency, impact strength and matchless throughout the Bahian coast.

So championships at local, state and international levels started to take place in Praia da Tiririca. This is one of the places whose constituent and fundamental, is the surf and sea.

They are also, the physical properties of the salt in this region which will make lighter bodies and help the sliding board, reducing the resistance to the movement of rails, allowing the fins to loosen.

Those who practice surfing knows that the experience is not only the waves in the sea, turns up, goes to earth and infects everyday life.

In the nature of Itacare, surfing in the clear waters adds a new energy and revitalizes the rest, laying a fresh look at things "terrestrial"





At the heart of Cocoa Coast, on the coast of the palm and acarajé, this landscape, untouched by man, sits quiet on the shores of Bahia.

Itacare, scuba diving apnea is the ideal beach Taipus Out. When the tide is dry, forming natural pools excellent for diving and can spot a wide variety of fish and coral.

Itacare provides the ideal setting for exciting dives on the coast, passing through pools, viewing the rock formation and the fascinating underwater world of fish, crustaceans and various plants.





Itacare ecotourism becomes an effective instrument of economic development and conservation of natural and cultural resources of Brazil, promoting the education and training of professionals and entrepreneurs, in addition to design and implement studies, research and projects.

The attractions range from the numerous waterfalls and beaches to the stunning setting of the sun, seen from the harbor. The canoe trips down the river, in addition to being relaxing, still show landscapes as the Rio das Contas, through the mangroves to the waterfall Cleandro. Recently the dirt road that led from Ilheus to Itacare was transformed into a park-road, further enhancing this paradise.

Between July and November you can admire the evolutions of the humpback whales that migrate to this time the region in search of warm weather and high water temperature, great for breeding.

Between March and April Itacare turns into a generous host to the reproduction and spawning of sea turtles, which return every year in place as the beach Piracanga and Depth to have the peace of mind appropriate in this precious moment.

Adventure activities practiced in the region fall into paragliding, plus the jump in stone Adrenaline, rappelling, cascade, mountain biking, cross buoy, canopy with monitoring and safety equipment, kayak, and duck walk held in off-road vehicle 4x4, covering Penísnsula Marau.

The route of this ride leads to Morro Cellular, Trail of Bromeliads Giants, Blue Lagoon and Beach Taipus Out, recommended for snorkeling. Today, you can enjoy Itacare with adrenalin, with the support of expert guides. In the city there are several tour operators that offer a wide variety of adventure tours.





Itacare is one of the best places to practice walking with the necessary fresh air and tranquility desired.

Meet and walk to the pleasant Prainha, passing 2 waterfalls and a paradise beach or go for a nature trail (Engenhoca Havaizinho, Camboinha Itacarezinho and waterfall Tijuípe) are leisure options in Itacare.

There is also a trail from the beach of Ribeira, in a small creek that forms a natural pool, and can follow the trail of Gameleiras for 3 km through the Atlantic Forest, overlooking the sea and through the Syriac Beach.

Jeribuaçú and Arruda are two other options for hiking trails that lead to waterfalls Plant.